About Nick Wray

Dietitian, Accredited Practicing Dietitian

MND, B.App Sc (Ex & Sports Sc)


Nick has worked as a clinical dietitian for more than 20 years, both in the public health system and privately.  Until 2009, he worked at Flinders Medical Centre as a specialist Gastrointestinal dietitian and in the Intensive Care Unit, as well as in his private practices.


Nick now work full time in private practice, where he continues to see people for a complete range of dietary issues.  With his experience base, Nick can help you with any dietary need, particularly the following :


  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: diet can certainly play a huge role in the successful management of IBS and Nick can educate you about the latest dietary information in the management of IBS.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohns & Colitis): having worked for 12 years at Flinders Medical Centre in the Gastroenterology area, Nick has extensive experience in helping people with IBD manage their diets to minimize their symptoms.
  • Coeliac Disease: Again with his gastroenterology background, Nick can educate newly diagnosed Coeliacs about how to live with a gluten free diet with confidence.
  • Obesity/Weight loss: Nick has worked in obesity surgery for 20 years and still consult at Adelaide Bariatric Centre where they do bariatric surgery.  Not everyone who wishes to lose weight wants or needs surgery so Nick can also tailor an eating plan to help weight loss – carbohydrates are often the key so he can teach you how to eat the right amount of carbohydrates to match your requirements & aid weight loss.
  • Diabetes: Nick frequently receive referrals from Endocrinologists or GP’s to educate either Type I or Type II diabetics re how to best manage their diabetes from a dietary perspective.  Carbohydrate counting, Glycaemic Index will all be addressed to best manage your diabetes.
  • Sports Nutrition: having worked as consultant dietitian for the Adelaide Crows for 12 years, as well as other sports groups over the years, Nick has sound experience in helping athletes or weekend warriors to achieve their sporting goals with the best possible nutritional preparation.


This is just a sample of the conditions Nick can help treat with dietary manipulation and there are many more.

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