Weight Loss Dietitian in Adelaide

Weight is something that many Australians of all ages struggle with. More and more children and adults are becoming overweight or obese. The rates of obesity-related symptoms and diseases are skyrocketing, causing huge concern amongst public health professionals. For those who are struggling with weight loss, often the ‘eat less, exercise more’ mantra, and standard off-the-shelf diet plans, don’t really work. For those committed to weight loss, a dietitian can help identify personal requirements and issues, and design a long term plan that really works.


Nick Wray is a weight loss dietitian in Adelaide with over 20 years' experience in weight loss, management, and avoiding obesity surgery. Nick understands that not everyone wants to undergo surgery to lose weight and can help clients create an eating plan that will greatly aid them with their weight loss. By taking the time to listen and discuss everything from habits and preferences to junk-food eating triggers and cooking abilities, Nick helps clients reach practical solutions.


Ideally your diet should be a life philosophy, rather than just a short term thing. Food is supposed to nurture your body and be something you can enjoy. With the help of a professional weight loss dietitian you can start eating and living healthy.


Would you like to book an appointment with Nick or have any questions about his areas of expertise, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Simply fill out the quick and easy online contact form. To book your next weight loss dietitian consultation, please call the clinic closest to you.

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